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Poetry Contest

Group visitors, please note:

The Freethought Poetry Contest has been cancelled due to insufficient participation (three times as many prizes were offered as there were registrants).

All groups that registered were declared winners by default and will receive $100 prizes.

They are:

Juniata College Secular Student Alliance of Juniata College, Huntingdon PA

Leaders in Freethought (LiFT) of Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO

Secular Student Alliance @ UW Whitewater,  (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater)

Students for Free-thought, University of Michigan-Flint

We would like to thank those who registered and all the group members that visited the website and downloaded books and files. If any of you would like to give us your thoughts on why the contest was not more popular (insuffient prizes, bad contest design, too busy with studies, rhymes too difficult to write, etc.) please send your comments to contestatdeanschramm.com – substituting @ for at). We would be interested in hearing from you. Some of you may also have worked on poems for the failed contest. If you care to send them in, I will post them on this site.

Below is an untitled poem, submitted by Stephanie Kaiser of the Leaders in Freethought (LiFT) group, that I fancy as A Freethinker’s Jouney. It encapsulates a freethought message with marvelous imagery and crystal clarity. Not only that, the poem has employed an artform that is often missing in today’s poetry – it rhymes.

Best wishes to all,

Dean & Dorea Schramm


A Freethinker’s Journey

A man sits on a rock in space

And thinks, “Oh, what a marvelous place!

No gods can rule this mind of mine,

As I freely glide through time.

Skeptical and free am I

Aboard this sailing rock, I fly.”

Congratulations, FFRF Essay Winners & Honorable Mentions

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